About Us

Guangxi Beacon Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in water treatment chemicals, fertilizers, feed additives and other chemicals.
Our production lines are mainly  in Guangxi China,offering products including polyferric sulfate(PFS) ,poly aluminium chloride(PAC),aluminum sulfate,ferrous sulphate ,manganese sulphate,zinc sulphate , magnesium sulphate,copper sulphate,sodium acetate trihydrate and  other chemicals .
We also partner with factories across our country to establish and maintain strong relationships that allow us to source the highest quality chemical products available.
We make it easy for our customers to know that their order is being handled properly at every step.At the same time ,we apply cutting-edge sourcing strategies to our customers supply chain as an extension of their business.
We would like to build a win to win relationship and build a good future with our customers together.